Investors in People Standard

Feb 10, 2020

Accredited against the Investors in People Standard – Gold

Camau Cyntaf’s ambitions are all geared towards sustainability and growth. These include: retaining its Flying Start contracts; open new settings (childcare locations); move into more profitable areas of business; develop a ‘bank of staff’ for future growth; and open a training centre. The key staff challenges are retention of staff because higher wages in the mainline education sector are higher and developing future managers.

The outcome of the assessment shows an organisation with a dynamic vision and a shared passion for achieving high standards in their service provision and in improving the life chances of children in their community. The assessment findings broadly reflect the analysis developed in the Context Discussion for most areas but not entirely. The variance emerged in areas where the practices were either less embedded or needed more clarification to employees. These were Recognition and reward and Performance Management, Delivering Continuous Improvement, and Creating Sustainable Success. Nonetheless, the organisation has shown it also is performing at a high level in many areas. The assessment sets a benchmark for the organisation’s current stage on its journey towards people management excellence and the highest performance level of the Investors in People standard. The comparative sector which Camau Cyntaf matches most closely for benchmarking is education. The organisation exceeded the benchmark average in every one of the 9 indicators.

Several strengths were identified along with a number of opportunities for further development in support of the organisation’s ambition.

Strengths include:

1. A clear vision that gives it a solid foundation for the future
2. Passion and vision to create a sustainable service and business
3. A charismatic high energy leader
4. A board of management that comprises of two directors and two non-executive directors who provide good governance
5. A set of values that are shared and bought into by its people, and guide the way it operates and their day to day work
6. A commitment to high standards and quality
7. Empowered, involved people who are joyfully active and committed to providing children in their own communities a better start in life
8. Strong performance management policies and practice which are consistently deployed
9. A people management structure designed to achieve its purpose in a lean way and gives people career opportunities
10. Exceptional in encouraging learning and development to help people achieve their potential and the organisation deliver its services to the high standard it aims for
11. A culture of continuous improvement which encourages and introduces new ideas
12. A positive impact on the people and community it serves


How Camau Cyntaf I Ddysgy cbc was assessed

The online assessment was deployed to 61 employees and we saw a  response of 91%. This was above the international Investors in People guidelines and therefore the sample is considered statistically significant.

Based on the finding from the online assessment, 14 employees and directors from across the organisation were interviewed.

During the on-site assessment, one observation activity was carried out which was a regular weekly meeting between a leader and team members of one of the ‘settings’ (locations) where Camau Cyntaf provides a service.

In addition, an analysis was undertaken of the documents referred to above including other external quality standard reviews. Interviewees also demonstrated the various uses of WhatsApp as a communication tool and other social media such as Facebook group pages

​This section provides a detailed analysis of organisation Camau Cyntaf I Ddysgu cbc’s online assessment against the IIP framework.  The table in the Annex shows the assessed maturity level for each of the 27 themes within the IIP framework. For the purposes of establishing an industry benchmark, data collected from the education sector has been used as a benchmark, and is shown below.   The benchmark outcome shows that Camau Cyntaf I Ddysgu has performed above the industry average in each of the 9 indicators. It is worth noting that even in Indicator 5 where the industry average is the lowest ranked score that the organisation performed well above the average there as well.