Camau Cyntaf – First Steps Treforest

Our aim is to provide quality bilingual childcare to children within the local community offering a pre-school setting to enhance their learning and exploration through play. We provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment with an emphasis on health and general well-being of children and their families.

Where to find us

Unit D16 Main Avenue,
Treforest, Treforest Industrial Estate,
Pontypridd CF37 5UR

Contact Details

T:  07772 650160

Opening Hours

First steps Treforest are located at D16, Main Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd CF37 5UR for 51 weeks of the year.   We will have 2 set closure dates: 1 week at Christmas and Easter and all bank holidays.

The service welcomes all children and is registered to care for 48 children under the age of eight years old. Our hours of opening will be from 7.30am until 6pm Monday to Friday and services offered will include full day-care, sessional care and after school club for all children under 8 years.

The service will provide 3 main play rooms for babies, toddlers and those accessing education provision.  We will provide appropriate areas for a range of needs including a kitchen, sleep room, various play areas that are natural and promote active learning.

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Our facility is wheelchair friendly where possible and provide appropriate areas for a range of needs including a food preparation area, a quiet area, play area inside and out and play space accessible freely to the children and will be wheelchair friendly.  Toilet and first aid facilities are available for children and adults.  An office and meeting room is available. 

We offer various play sessions, parent & carer days & provide a range of opportunities for children, carers and professionals to explore the setting and their wider communities through visits, activities & events, Children’s health, well-being and development is encouraged and promoted through a range of activities which are incorporated into our daily routine to promote, economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We can offer extended services should this be required by service users. Contact us for more information.


​Promoting the health and well-being of our children is a top priority and any snacks and drinks provided will be in line with our healthy eating policy and your child’s dietary needs. The setting participates in the RCT Healthy and Sustainable Pre school Scheme.

The project helps to identify, develop and communicate a positive ethos which promotes respect towards all, and a positive approach to health, the environment and the community and ensures that all children have the opportunity to benefit from stimulating challenges and the right to play.

Information is available at:

The setting will provide milk and water and a selection of snacks throughout the day. 

Semi Skimmed Milk is offered and Water freely available – Children are encouraged to pour and help prepare their own snacks and recycle food waste and containers.

​Our menu has been developed in line with the Welsh Government Food and Health guidelines for Early Years Settings. ​We offer a nutritional snack not a main meal and any additional allergen information is available on request.

Please contact the setting for their current daycare or sessional menu.

Sample Menu

Activities Provided

​Activities will be planned daily, weekly and termly offering varied opportunities for play, based on the needs of the children that includes sand and water play, role play, messy and creative play, music and exploring the environment and the world around them to promote environmental sustainability.  Physical play is encouraged throughout all activities.  Please read our noticeboard for up-to-date information of services offered.

Children and carers are encouraged to participate in the planning of activities and ideas for equipment and future development of the group.  A rota is available on the parent’s board.

The ethos of the setting is to encourage staff, children and families to consider our local environment and to participate in activities such as litter picking and recycling. 



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